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Thanks for creating such an whimsical setting and releasing a printer-friendly version of it! It looks like some of the bulleted lists on page 35 of the printer-friendly version might have been misformatted.


Brian Yaksha's "The Catlands Jazzband Gazeteer" is a setting book, intended specifically for Troika! but hey, its mostly tables about things and people and happenings. So you can use it for basically anything.

So you see the cover and it's got some cute cat pictures, most of the art is cute. This is gonna be cute and light hearted right? HAHA.

No. Catland not someplace you want to be; it's someplace you want to escape while you still have your human facilities. It feels like home, in as much as a soggy place can feel like my home which is all places to be from, and pass through, but not places to live lest you allow the place to truly work on you and change you to fit it, oh yes the desert may seem lovely but.....

Ahem, where was I....Oh yes.

Or not. You could become cattish, which not as good as being a cat. But probably better than not being any kind of cat.

Honestly, I want to go to Catland. I want to go there and see the cattish and the cats. I want to go there and look into the eyes of the cats so sure and smug of their superiority so that they might feel some inkling of how no matter what their station in the Catlands, they are a cat, a kitty cat.

But to visit the Catlands to become susceptible to the wiles and whims of these cats.

But who knows.

Every time I read this book, I see what may be different parts of Catland, or may be entirely different Catlands.

All of this being written, the book tells you want it's for, in as much as anything can be anything, and especially in as much as a cat be meant for anything. And to me it is very clear that Brian has known a great many cats.

Finally, and as much as this may pain our dear author, it is probably the most Ghibli inspired game thing I've ever read.


Thanks mate, its glad to hear you dig it.  I've known many a good cat, though I was always a dog person; which I think is what made cats all the more enchanting. They're turning cogs up in their head, and while an old dog may wear the face of its favorite thing for many years (snoozing, walking, swimming; that smile they do when you offer it up) a cat makes you read its eyes. 

There's certainly a Ghibli quality, I used to babysit kids when I was in HS and they'd watch The Cat Returns until it lost all meaning; and so there's some well of experience; nostalgia coupled with this imagery coupled with uncertainty; which definitely plays a factor into the idea of the Catlands. 

I truly appreciate this kind post and your reading of the material. 

Hey! My print copy is still on the way from Spear Witch, but I noticed that I received only the PDF of the booklet (which already has the errata fixed). How can I get access to the map files too?


Hey, I just put the Maps up as something that can be freely downloaded here. Let me know if you're unable to grab them.

- Brian


Got them, thanks! :D

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Hey, great gazetter here. Just one question about the softcover I received. On page 29, it seems like the last table has been copied from another table above. What is the right content for this table ?


Hey, I was informed of this as it is a layout error; its meant to be:

Page 29 - Entries wrong.
Should be: 1-2. Bridgetownie 3. Riverbanker 4. Bridgetopper 5-6. Underbridger.

I actually just got the fixed PDF and will be putting it up right now.

OH Thanks. I wonder if, as for all the other RPG, we can receive the PDF when we bought the book. As there are the maps that are pretty interesting and usefull too.


I was under the impression that the PDF was sent alongside it via SpearWitch. Let me know where you've bought it elsewhere and I'll try to remedy this and/or send me an email/receipt at and I'll send you the PDF right away. 

Thanks !! Problem solved :D


This is an extremely awesome setting. I'd love to be able to print it! Any chance you could make a version without the black and blue backgrounds? They look gorgeous, but I can't print them.


I'll see what can be done!


Oh that's awesome! Thank you! Sorry for the inconvenience, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.


Any update on this? I adore the concept here and would also be interested in a printable PDF.

Yep, about to upload it. 


I'm perhaps a little biased, but the two maps are a real treat. Cat buildings!

Also excellent wordsmithing, as with all of Brian's stuff