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Cartographer’s weep to define the borders of the strange new world which has emerged from the Great Collapse. The New Hegemony pays a high price for those who chart the sky-blue deserts of the Vaarnish hinterlands. They hunger to know its ways, its regions, and its territories; so as to better carve it into proper shape for their optimates and princelings who play in hubris the grand game of imperialism.

Names are fluid, changed by colonizers, whispered in rumor; often-times telling lies that are exceptionally true and truths that are venomously bitter.

Nothing can be certain until you reach such a place; and even then, such a place may come to be known by other names to those who survive to tell their tale.


  • 20 d12 tables to coincide with the general landscapes listed in Vaults of Vaarn Deluxe Edition (p.65, 3.2 Region Generator Table) and Vaults of Vaarn #3 (p.18, Creating Regions.) 
  • 10 d12 tables to provide specific locales related to the ancestries presented in Vaults of Vaarn, as well as the ancestries presented in Vaults of Vaarn #3 (Faa Nomads, Cacklemaws, Lithlings, & Planeyfolk); as well as the New Hegemony.

Submitted to the Summer Vaarn Jam. 

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorGoatman's Goblet


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