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The world is dark and full of terrors. The road goes ever onward, further and further from the paths one used to know. Life is often tiring, devoid of the small comforts at its best, bedraggled by wanton travails or mortal peril more often than it should. 

Home is a place of safety and domestic respite. The people there know you. They cook the food you like, they wear the clothes that color the nostalgia of your youth, and they sing the same songs and speak of petty troubles that once seemed so big, so long ago.

Includes the following comfortable random roll tables:

  • What does home look like to you? [d8]
  • What has happened in the long while since last you came home? [d10]
  • Who among the townsfolk do you count as childhood friends? [d12]
  • How have they changed in the years since your youth? [d12]
  • What does your family home remind you of? [d12]
  • How are your guardians? [d12]
  • How does the local roadhouse celebrate you? [d10]
  • What cookery have you long dreamed of savoring again? [d10]
  • What treasures have found their way to your hometown? [d10]
  • What rumors do they speak about at the roadhouse? [d8]
  • What gossip is spoken of after religious services? [d8]
  • What tall tales do the children laugh and play pretend with? [d8]
  • What might spoil this all? [d10]
  • Your family and friends wish to write to you more. You’ll receive a letter when next you… [d12]
  • What will they write about? [d12]
  • What gifts and comforts will you take with you from home? [d8]
  • Who will give you such things? [d8]
  • Comfortable in your surroundings, what do you dream of when at rest? [d10]
  • What unforeseen event might make this visit a memorable one? [d12]

If you make use of this in a review, stream, or just for sake of how you used it in a campaign please let me know! I love to hear these kinds of things.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorGoatman's Goblet
GenreRole Playing
Tagscomfy, Fantasy, system-neutral


Buy Now$1.50 USD or more

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Gonna give this a read and see if it fits for a YouTube video I'm making. :D



I just read through this and it is 100% on my wavelength.  "Comfortable Fantasy" has entered my lexicon and will likely be a cornerstone.
This could easily be the framework for a cozy pastoral game.

Glad you enjoyed it! I don't usually get a chance to write this kind of content but it does provide me with a good sense of catharsis.