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Come all you gallant fishermen,
That plough the stormy sea,
The whole year round,
On the fishing grounds,

    Of the Jetty Sheets and the Soundless Deeps,
    On the banks and knolls, above the dark sea holes,
    Where the snooker shoals are found.

A pamphlet of rules for fishing and a gamut of fish from across the Lost Frontier of Frontier Scum. For those who want a bit more granularity, this pamphlet helps change fishing to be more akin to the Hunting rules in the core book - providing also 48 different types of fish to catch, notes regarding bragging in pubs, and the importance of good milky fish chowder.

If you're running a campaign set in Stubbshead County, this pamphlet will provide a useful tool to encapsulate that specific shade of the era.

Ply the Murky Deeps is an independent production by Brian Yaksha and is not affiliated with Den of Druids. It is published under the FRONTIER SCUM Third-Party License.

FRONTIER SCUM is copyright Den of Druids.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorGoatman's Goblet
TagsFishing, frontier-scum, rules-lite, Tabletop role-playing game, Western


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Seems like the shark has a typo, since dying rage mentions it breaking a shell instead of what it normally does for other animals.

Deleted 45 days ago

Alas, I lost my core document for this after a Blue Screen of Death / Full Reset a few weeks ago; but I've fixed it and will post it as a PDF update (unfortunately, not OCR.)

My fool mistake for not uploading it to a cloud or external hard drive.

The "Gentleman's Rod" lists damage as d8/d4, when does the d4 come into play?

Fishing poles function as a [d6 2h] improvised weapon which breaks on max damage; the d8 is meant to be when used as a single-shot hunting rifle - the d4 is the usage of it as a standard fishing pole for the purposes of angling. 

So the Gentleman's Rod would be as a weapon the following:

Gentleman's Rod d6 improvised (break on max damage) or d8 single shot (as Hunting rifle).
- d4 Angling.

I could've written it better; and certainly will figure out how to finagle it out should I expand upon it.

Thanks for asking! Hope that helps.