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Psychopomps is a game of playing entities in the hereafter, adventuring together across strange realms beyond the veil of reality for purposes offered up in example but left to your own whimsy. You do not have an inventory of mundane equipment, you have capabilities, a blending of suggestions and cosmic powers befitting whatever it is you are and where you are from.

Psychopomps is a hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons. It contains ideas and lists which might be applicable in any plane-travelling game, or in a game of strange whimsy such as Troika!

This was a one day project done while working on other, much larger projects. If it is somehow beloved, I'll expand upon it.

Edit: As apparently this was somehow beloved, I have expanded upon it with realms previously not included. Also now included, listings of names to inspire or choose for all designations of beings, as well as Mortals/Planar Wanderers.

Next update will include a full bestiary (which for the system means suggestions for interesting enemies, 6 for each type of entity + 2d6 for Mortals/Planar Wanderers).

I would've had this all finished up sooner, but it deserves a bit of polish. 

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