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so why is this only purchasable through Paypal instead of the standard payment method?


I'll be honest with you, I haven't the slightest idea. I never really did much of the back end stuff with itch when I first set things up here; and this is the first time this has been brought to my attention; like to the point that I didn't know those weren't one and the same in most cases. I'll look into this and try to figure it out; sorry for the inconvenience. 

- Brian


The physical zine is awesome! I love your tables and descriptors. 


Any chance we’ll see this in print again? It doesn’t seem tk be at Exhalted anymore


I believe SoulMuppet did another print run of them,  I'll check in with him to see if/when any will be resupplied state-side. Worst case scenario, you absolutely do have my permission to get it printed locally at a print shop if the option is open to you.  

it’s back


I bought mine on Exalted Funeral. Just came in the mail today. 


any way to pay for this without paypal? I have issues with pp in my country, would be glad to be able to just pay via card -- seem to be able to do this on most other purchases here on itchio..

Since it’s so thick, I’ve been using it as an excuse to learn a bit of bookbinding. I’ve split it into four signatures and have sewn it up with cloth tabs. Cut case cards and I’ve got a decent enough printer that I’d like to try my hand at the color cover. Any chance we could get the proper cover as a PDF?

Sure. Took me a moment to find it (been a few computers since the initial writing of this.)
I'll upload it. 


Beautiful, thanks! Here are some process pics of it underway. prepping for sewingtext block sewn

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This is not just one of my favorite OSR supplements ever. This may very well be one of my favorite RPG supplements overall, ever. It rocks.


Is there a chance for a proper black and white cover for DIY printing at home since the PDF lacks one (it starts directly with a table of contents)?

Sure, I'll whip something up today!


Also, there are a few dark pages in the book proper; so if you can give me til this evening I can probably cobble together a printer-friendly version without much art or black pages getting in the way. 


Added a printer friendly image to the downloads/screenshots; let me know if that's still too rough and I'll try to polish that out.

You're going t make me print this myself, aren't you Brian?

It seems likely, yeah. Sorry.

There have been snags with layout revisions given the small size of the operation (i.e., just me and a friend of mine), most of which having to do with the price of housing in the cheaper areas of NYC and a data entry job that ended up being a very workplace violation filled factory job; among other more unpleasant things which makes free time for productivity hard to come by.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but if you do get it printed for yourself let me know how it turns out.

No problem, and I was just kidding!  I'm happy to print it out.  It's excellent work, and I'll juts be happy to have a physical copy no matter how I get it.

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Actually, just spoke to layout; I should have a finalized revision (with some fixes and the two pamphlet dungeons included) up possibly tonight!

Edit: New version with two dungeons in it is now up in the Downloads section.

Is a print version in the works?


Yes there is, once we finish polishing out some layout issues and maybe add a bit more to it. Until such a time, feel free to print it out on a service of your choice. 

I'll also try to figure out if I can do coupons for the printed version for anyone who bought the pdf, as it'll be done via DriveThruRPG.