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The Rift of Mar-Milloir will always be contested between two kingdoms, though neither will ever have the means or desire to enforce that claim with true rulership. Each year, the representative courtiers will send spies and assassins to one another’s court, to beguile, berate, and suffer further insult to see the conflict never ends. No one goes to Mar-Milloir who has a choice, it is a wretched and perfidious region of serpent-haunted mountains, wayward nephilims, and heretical holdouts who refuse the reformation of the Grand Heliopapacy of the Cathedral Tempestuous.

You have been sent here, if not to die then to profit your betters. You are a blaggard, a knave, a blackguard, a rakehell, and an out-and-out scoundrel; whether you desire such a title or otherwise.

Survive. Change your fickle fortunes. Take the Rift for yourself. Praise be to the Sun and those who have inherited its grace; with ambition enough, you will stand among them.


  • Randomizers for your adventurers! Who sent you here [d12]? Why are you working together [d12]? What have I heard of this wretched place [d20]? What nobility will profit from my toil [d10]? What am I to expect of these backwoods yokel [d10]? What treasure might be found here [d8]?
  • Camping locations for valleys [d6], hills [d6], woods [d6], and mountains [d6]!
  • Randomizers for village creation; the appearance of the village [d8], the authority of its leader [d8], their goods [d8], their food [d12], their fears [d8] and what they call their town [d12]!
  • Randomizers for deep dark places [d6], signs of habitation [d12], what treasure [d8] and what creatures [d8] might lurk within!
  • Randomizers for Brigands; what made them turn to crime [d6], who their leader is [d8], and what could make them able to bargain [d6]!
  • Randomizers for Dragons; of what sin they were born of [d8], their coloration [d8], their malign hungers [d8], and what the legends say can kill them [d6]!
  • Randomizers for Giants; their terrible blasphemous purposes [d6], their unearthly and horrible frame [d8]. their terrible visage [d8], and their foul treasures [d6]!
  • Randomizers for Fiends; those they possess [d12], their original sin [d8], what scripture says can stop them [d6] and the consequences of a mortal soul held in their bondage [d4]!
  • A listing of [d20] random encounters for the Rift!
  • [13] Monsters for Knave!
  • [10] Factions to Fight, Cooperate With, or Belong To!
  • A [d12] of Strange & Awful Weather in the Rift!

Insert your favorite module in the Rift, or make use of the above randomizers to flesh out your own setting! Mar-Milloir is a loose framework, it is a map, it is consequences, it is filled with strange things and war will break out at some point; it is not a complete setting; it is meant to allow you to better make use of your own setting. 

This issue of RAKEHELL was written in roughly three days. An urban issue is also planned, which will likely be longer and of greater use to many more individuals than this one. RAKEHELL is based on Ben Milton's KNAVE, and made for use with any and all adventure games. 

Updated to fix some typographical issues and layout items!

Updated 22 days ago
Published 26 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorGoatman's Goblet
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, knave, pdf, physical, Sandbox, zine


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Is a print version in the works?

Yes there is, once we finish polishing out some layout issues and maybe add a bit more to it. Until such a time, feel free to print it out on a service of your choice. 

I'll also try to figure out if I can do coupons for the printed version for anyone who bought the pdf, as it'll be done via DriveThruRPG.