Rakehell - Revised, Released!

Rakehell's Revision, as previously included as a mere text document, has been completed and uploaded! It features numerous more tables and randomizations! 

Keep your eye out, two more addition are to come: a pamphlet dungeon on the First Men, and a series of notes/encounters/rulings for playing when the inevitable war breaks out. Both will be included as separate PDF downloads and will be added under proper formatting for the finalized version of this issue, which should be seeing a proof sent my way from the Print-on-Demand printers by the end of the month. 

Sorry for any and all delays, we hope you enjoy this product.

- Brian  


Rakehell - The Rift of Mar-Milloir, Revised 15 MB
May 15, 2019

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Brian - any news on when a print version will be available?