Update 1 & Print-on-Demand Information

First, I really want to thank you all for your kind purchases of the first issue of Rakehell. As stated both in the Endnotes on the product description page, this issue was written with a mindset of "Better Done than Perfect." Now done, it can be perfected, and as such I am adding on to it many half-finished items which I had cut from the initial draft due to it making the zine cumbersome.

Expect an update to the pdf within a week or two which will include the following items:

  • Fixes to Morale.
    For some reason I thought Morale was a d20 roll-under roll for Knave. I don't know what system I picked up this ruling from, but the Morale for all creatures/threats presented will be fixed to appropriate 2d6 type rulings in the next update.
  • Expanded Factions.
    Each of the factions presented in the zine will be given an Entry Ritual for anyone who wants to join them post-character creation. Additionally, notes are presented on how the different types of factions consider one another--albeit in broad strokes. Each faction also now has specialist equipment for sale from members of it.
  • Expanded Setting Generators
    Rulings will be present for better generating the setting, including the placement of faction camps in the region itself. Generators include things like armor and weapons from The Homeland as well as from the Rift, for each type of weapon/armor category presented in Knave. This will help make an incoming Knave look more the part, as well as anyone who requisitions new equipment up in the Rift.
  • The First Men
    The undead First Men will be receiving generators akin to those of the Fiend, the Wyrm, and the Giant. Such randomizers will be useful for any ancient wight or draugr you used in whatever game you prefer.
  • The Black Market
    A war could break out at any moment and you're rather far from home; the Black Market exists to sell your plunder back to your masters and backers in the south. It is rife with its own problems, and as such there's plenty of room for things to go horribly wrong.
  • Random Encounters...
    For the Forests, the Hills, and the Mountains. To help further expand upon the threats to the region and how they might be encountered by a group of plundering vagabonds.

And there's a chance that, if time permits,  that I might attempt to put in a one-page dungeon. 
Once this is all done with and I hear back from DriveThruRPG, I'll get some proofs printed and then put it up there as a PDF+Print bundle. Those who have purchased the pdf here will receive a coupon to make the purchase over there done at cost. I will be doing the same with Lulu, as I know certain people would prefer I do this there too.

There will be no increase to the PDF price when this update is put to publication; as you purchased this product on good faith and by all accounting I intended you to have this content to begin with. Once this is all said and done, I will begin further work on the second issue; A City of Fire & Smoke, wherein your knaves are urban riff-raff getting involved in the horror of big city living. As I live in NYC, I feel the second issue will encapsulate my disgruntled views on what city living can do to some people...

Thank you for your support,
Brian Richmond - The Goatman's Goblet

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Hi Brian, Any news on the print option?  I'm really excited to see the zine printed!

Hey John,

There's been some traction; the new draft of the revision is finished and is currently in layout with Arielle. I should be able to get an update on this sometime this weekend (she's in one of my games), but as soon as I have it I'll put it in Lulu and submit it to DriveThruRPG; and provide coupons to all the purchasers so they can get it at cost alongside the new PDF version. 

That actually reminds me I need to update the purchase page with the new randomizers and features added to it. Sorry for all the delays! March was a weird month for us and life found a way of getting in the way, but I'm happy you're excited! 

- Brian