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What follows is a free preview/teaser of the forthcoming issue of Rakehell, most of the character generation tables. 

Gog-Moloch, the City of Fire & Industry. Host to the Cathedrahl Tempestuous, slovenly host to the reformed Grand Heliopapcy, bent forever in worship to the apex being of Man--Gog. A city that burns through the child-charnel furnace of ambitious Moloch, making Gog's own people into filth and fuel for the unending fire. A city of the wicked, the iniquitous and the vile. 


Gog-Moloch is a trap. Once here it is hard to leave. Once here it is hard to live. Those savvy and furious enough to defy the machine of human brutality will find themselves beset by knives, gunfire, and all manner of lick-spittle lackey who'd see them crowned Heliocrat as quickly as they'd see them stomped to death in a back alley.

You have come here, foolishly, and you will toil for the profit of the man-made predators who control your fickle fate. As a blaggard, a knave, a conniving rake, and an utter blackguard, you will carve your name into this wretched rock of a city. 

You will not merely survive, you will thrive.

Randomizers for your adventurers! 

  • [d12] For what purpose do you find yourself in ever-burning Gog-Moloch? 
  • [d20] Where have you come to find shelter in this city of fire and misery? 
  • [d6] What is your rent? 
  • [d12] How do you find yourself among the grim and portentous company of these knaves?
  • [d10] What vicious forces make your days all the more toilsome?
  • [d8] What urban corruption has seduced you to linger in Gog-Moloch?
  • [d10] Gog-Molochians all wish to be something they’re not. What have you failed to become?
  • [d20] What recent debt and travail shall keep you forever shackled to this city?
  • [d100] The city crushes individuality. You however, strive to be an individual. How?

Likely to find release sometime around Q1 2020.


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