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Ferried upon the F.O.D. Muskellunge, you come to a logging expedition gone afoul. Dupont's House of Vulgurs will pay well to know why the island is unexploited. Strange lights are seen in the night, and all who once dwelled here are gone; save for the master of Pikepine Lodge who has fallen into a state of deep strangeness...

Discover the source and be paid well. Stop it and be made wealthy crypt-diggers...
Fail, and have your soul tattered and sent screaming into the great, dark unknown.

A framework island hexploration with hints of a mystery and tools to try to piece it together. Designed to invoke the music of A.L. Lloyd, the tone of The Lighthouse, the unease of being lost in the woods when things go quiet, and the pop cultural extrapolations of the Roanoke colony. Located in the duchy of Dupont, this could be used as a good launching point into getting involved in The Darkling Seas of Islesmere, with the F.O.D. Muskellunge serving as allies should everything go as well as it can.

Also included are eight character profiles, meant for play if desired or as NPCs, representing the Crew of the Muskellunge. 

The Manifest of Candle & Driftwood is an independent production by the Goatman's Goblet and is not affiliated with the SoulMuppet Publishing.” SoulMuppet Publishing takes no responsibility for any legal claims against your product. Created for the #CryptJam of August 2020.


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Crew of the Muskellunge.pdf 881 kB
Island Map 214 kB

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