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In a home in the ground overlooking the river, there live Halflings. Not Halfling by choice, as that is of course a very silly name to call yourself, but Halfling because larger folk; tallfolk, came about and decided they were going to tell people what they were to be called.

So be it, let the tallfolk engage in their trials and travails, the Halflings have pursued comfort and they like that comfort very well, thank you muchly!

What follows are a set of randomizers for generating a very specific type of Halfling, namely the sort who don’t much desire to leave home and pursue treasure while facing great danger; those Halflings are wander-weird, they’re unpleasant, they’d just as soon get into a melee than share a pipe and a pint.

No, this supplement is not about those “heroic sorts” with their “heroic deeds” (which, let us be honest, more often than not just means a grave capacity for murdering everything they come across). 

This supplement is about homely Halflings, their petty problems, their idle gossip, their comforts and what it is they might have in their pantry.

Contains the following random generators:

  • Halfling Names [3d6+d6]
  • Halfling Surnames  [2d6+d6]
  • Halfling Nicknames [2d6+d6]
  • Reputation Among the Gossips [3d6]
  • Halfling Outfits [2d6]
  • Inherited Items [2d6]
  • Meals at the Table [2d6]
  • Songs Sung in Homes & Pubs [3d6]
  • Notable Home Features [2d6]
  • Items Found Within the Pantry [3d6]
  • Regarding Pipes - Material [2d6]
  • Regarding Pipes - Style [3d6]
  • Regarding Pipes - Embellishments & Finish [2d6]
  • Rumored Troubles Spoken By Notably Biased Halflings [3d6]

This zine was written in a single day, written due to inspiration from Kai Poh's Pipedream. This zine is not affiliated with any place, person, faction, company or thing, it is merely something to enjoy. 

Day One Hotfix: Fixed some entry issues, added cover/font info.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorGoatman's Goblet
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdreamjam, Fantasy, halfling


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